How long does it take to get a window film installed on my vehicle?

Installation time varies depending on the size of the vehicle and type of film being installed.  On average, it takes approximately 2 hours for the complete process.

Can I use my windows after having a window film installed?

It is not recommended that windows be rolled down for at least 5 days.  This is to ensure proper curing of the special mounting adhesive and prevents peeling and shifting of the film.

How long should I wait before I clean my windows?

Complete dry-out time takes approximately 30-60 days after installation depending on the type of film, thickness and climate conditions.  Therefore, cleaning should be done after the dry-out period using tint-safe/ammonia-free glass cleaners or mild dish washing detergent mixed with water using a microfiber cloth.

What does the warranty cover?

At Unique Auto Tinting, it is not about warranty but all about quality.   Professionally installed, we guarantee no peeling, no bubbling, no cracking or installation problems.  All of our high-quality performance window films come with a lifetime labour and colour-stable material warranty.

What is the legal issue regarding automotive tints?

In Ontario, it is required that the front driver and passenger windows be a legal limit of 35% or lighter.  The rear section of any vehicle can be tinted as you please, depending on the look or privacy you require.  At Unique Auto Tinting, we offer one of the darkest films in the automotive industry at 4%.

What type of films do you offer?

Unique Auto Tinting highly believes in quality, therefore we use the best in the business.  Our partnership with Solar Gard Window Films, enable us to offer a wide selection of dyed, metalized and nano-particle window films to fit everyone’s needs, style and budget.  Not sure of which film to choose?  Visit our showroom and we have it all on display with professional recommendations.

How do you cut the window film?

Using Solar Gard’s advance cutting system with the state of the art digital plotter we guarantee 99% accuracy and precision cut every time.  The use of this highly innovative system saves time and material, therefore the savings is transferred to you, the customer.

How do you install the window film?

At Unique Auto Tinting, we do not tuck rubbers or join to fit window films.  We remove doors panels to gain clearance with a half inch space below the rubber and 1/8 space along the top.  Back windshields are heat-shrinked and done in one piece to ensure exact fit every time.  These extra steps are taken to maintain 100% customer satisfaction.

Do you offer mobile services?

No, we do not offer mobile services because it is not professional.  Working in clean, dust-free environment ensures a quality job every time.   We offer an open concept shop with an up-beat and energetic environment.  Come witness the UNIQUE experience!

What other services do you offer?

We offer a full range of automotive services including:  installation of remote starters/alarms, video/audio systems, back-up cameras/sensors, gps/tracking systems and clearshield paint protection films.  Not to mention full detailing packages and rust-proofing services.  Unique Auto Tinting is also a licensed dealer and installer of architectural window films and energy solutions.